Carolyn Mark

14. April 2019 20:00 Uhr

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Tour 2019

Some things are just meant to be. Birds are born to fly, politicians were born to lie, big fat guys with giant beards were born to ride their machines without getting hassled by the man, and Carolyn Mark was born to make music.

Ever since first taking to the stage as Templeton the rat in her elementary school's musical version of Charlotte's Web, show business has been the main driving force in Carolyn's life. After coming to the obvious conclusion that musicians were much more fun to hang around with than actors, in the early 90's Carolyn formed her first band... all-girl surfy twang popsters, The Vinaigrettes. This was the beginning of a love affair with music, musicians and the road that, even after 15+ years of crazy hard work, still puts the nitro in her funny car.


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